Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The French Underground Resistance

According to the French Federation of Truffle Growers, there is excessive rutting going on in France. I guess we all knew that was France's default behavior, vis-a-vis their 'allies' but this problem is figurative.

"The gendarmerie, France's militarized national police force, is cracking down, too. Lt. Xavier Leonetti has given 30 of his 65 men the primary mission of fighting the "significant, recurring theft" of truffles in his jurisdiction of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The gendarmes, equipped with light-intensifying goggles, hold night stakeouts in truffle fields and set up roadblocks in sensitive areas."

Memo to terrorists: Half the cops are looking for truffles in your pocket; some may contain GPS transponder chips. Act accordingly.

I wonder how many growers will wear truffle puppet outfits when they demonstrate their outrage in front of the Euro-press. I just prey that no one gets hurt.

Italics Mine

Update: The Truffle Puppets might make a good name for a punk band.


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