Friday, November 18, 2005

Ottawa experiences 'brutal Afghan winter' - Part 1

As a service to the temperature impaired mainstream media I have been tracking the temperatures of two cities; Ottawa, where I live, here in Canada and Kabul, in Afghanistan. At some point I will graphically display the numbers, but it is too early for that now.

As I type this, it is 11:00 p.m. Friday, as you can see from the weather link, [scroll down to Dunrobin] it is 19F, -7C. Well YOU can't see it, because it's changed by the time you read this, but take it from me, that's what it said. It's cold outside.

Now let's compare with Afghanistan's weather. It was 24F last night in Kabul, the coldest so far this year but still warmer than Ottawa. But the big difference is the daytime temps, It went up to 95F yesterday in Kabul [this makes NO sense at all if you look at the graph at the bottom of the page; maybe someone sat on the temperature sensor to have lunch] and only up to 32F in Ottawa. Last year, Kabul's coldest day was December 20th, when it reached 21F. So Ottawa people are experiencing a 'brutal Afghan winter' at this very moment. Someone should tell Dan, or Wolf or Judy or Anderson and his little buddy Cooper, hoses are being frozen as we speak. Oh the humidity.

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