Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ahhhh, The Seventies

I saw this album at the Goodwill and had a deja vu moment. I sported the popular 'fu man chu' moustache which stopped at my chin, lose the jewellery and this picture is a weirdly close snapshot of a few moments of my life twenty-five to thirty years ago. Yikes.

I had a '71 Honda 750 and my grandad's '48 Chev. with 35K original miles on it. I worked night-crew at Dominion and studied (!) Architecture at school. I never had a white suit just a dark blue pinstripe c/w vest and bell bottoms. All my friends got married in powder blue or chocolate brown tuxedos. No one wore baseball caps except to play baseball. We wore our pants way up high and sometimes worried about getting VD if we worried about anything at all. Which we didn't, and no one ever did except Smilely and that was at the Quebec Winter Carnival.

To be cool you HAD to have two things; a car and a stereo. No car, no dates. In the suburbs it was important to have a car at parties so you could drive the girls home. The trick was to organise a route which allowed you to let HER off last. An understanding of critical path thinking developed at an early age.

Your stereo had to have components from at least four manufactures' and it was the focal point of your pad. Maybe a Thorens turntable with a Shure cartrage. Altec, JBL or Bose Speakers. Tuners/amps; the bigger the better, Luxman or Crown were the ultimate. We all had monster Akai receivers and reel to reel tape recorders because my friend's uncle was the Canadian distributor. The remote control on my friend's cassette deck had a half-inch thick, eight foot long cable; everyone was jealous.

Cable TV was still fairly new and you could hook it up to your tuner and listen to CHOM in Montreal; FM rock music in high fidelity and almost no commercials, Emmerson Lake and Palmer, Triumvirat, Styx, The Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills & Nash, all of Wish You Were Here and a few others that I can't recall for some reason. I do remember that we despised 'disco' with the same fervour that today’s youth reserve for George W. Bush.

That couch was in every apartment but there should really be a black-light poster on the wall and she looks a lot like someone named Lynn R. .... I wonder what ever happened to her?
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P.S. Can you still get Harvey Wallbangers? Lynn liked those but hated the name.


At 6:14 PM, Blogger Kateland, aka TZH said...

Common on - how could you forget Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and platform shoes?

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Blair said...

O.K. I only had Led Zed III.

I played Machine Head so often I ground it flat and had to buy another one. I could hum all the solos to Highway Star, Space truckin' and still my favorite, Lazy, of which I've since learned the walking bassline.

Mmmmmm. Made In Japan.


I had problems with platform shoes. Most heals were wood, wrapped with leather and wouldn't last two days on a bike. I opted for the black 'snout' boot. You can still get them.


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