Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iran Bans 'Western' Music - Cowboys Lament

The president of Iran is banning Western Music from Iranian radio and television. This doesn't mean there is new found hate-on for Gene Autry. This is a continuation of the reforms introduced in the 80's by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

So what exactly is western music? They're going to have to define it to ban it. Will it be all tunes using the twelve tone even tempered scale? Certainly the pentatonic blues scale is gone.

Music has always had a tough time with religions. The Church of Rome didn't like it much and only allowed certain modes of the seven note scale to be used, approving a new one every few hundred years.

Perhaps there is some money to be made rewriting existing songs to make them acceptable to leaders of Iran. . . . You know, everything old is new again.

The Eagle's, 'Hotel California' could be any Hotel where innocent people get blown up. Probably get a lot of air play.

Eric Clapton's cover version of 'I Shot the Sheriff' would be simple enough, 'I shot the Hebrew'. [Number one with a bullet]

For your seasonal needs you can insert 'Dead Christian' for 'White Christmas' and be off carolling in seconds.

The Bangles, 'Walk Like an Egyption', take it as read.

And if there was ever a 'western' song at home in the Middle East it's Louis Jordan's 'Five Guys Named Mo', how could they possibly ban that?

Italics Mine.


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