Monday, December 19, 2005

Whither Marks & Spencer

"We're sending Tommy 'or the top to give Gerry a black eye". That's a newsreel narrative from the forties. Today? Oh gosh, don't even suggest to the toffee nosed gits of retail in 'Great' Britain that they support their troops. Apparently the lads are fighting a 'Labour War' you see, not a real one old cock. Top drawer.

I can see a lot of top Drawers not being filled with stuff from Marks & Spencer this year. After requesting some Christmas goodies from Britain’s five big retailers, the seventy troops serving in Iraq were told to shove off by everyone except Harrods who sent them a Teddy Bear.

"James Norrie, the M&S customer services manager wrote: "We do appreciate that work like yours is very valuable but unfortunately it is simply not possible for us to support every request. Please be assured that community work is very important to us."

"But when contacted by the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Norrie insisted that the request had been properly considered, adding: "The letter I sent was what I had been instructed to send by my supervisor, who said we couldn't send anything out as it would look like we would be supporting the war in Iraq. To my understanding, we can't be seen to be supporting the Labour Government's war."

I guess I've been to one of their stores for the last time. They've never been on my short list, clothing wise. Who wants to dress like a British guy anyway? It's not one of the things they do particularly well.

Community work?

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