Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Danish Inquisition

Based on the Spanish model...

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There is nothing new under the sun.

With all the outrage over the Danish cartoons (below) I thought I'd level the playing field and post one about another religion. If I'd drawn this a couple hundred years ago I probably would have been dragged from my bed in the night by a some Dominicans and given the chance to confess the sin of heresy before being burned at the stake for my own good. If I didn't confess I'd be burnt for everyone else's good. Times change.

Fortunately, western civilization survived the terror of The Church of Rome who didn't stop killing people because they thought it was a bad idea, they stopped because everyone else thought it was a bad idea. I believe the last poor guy killed in the Spanish Inquisition, died in 1895 (can’t find proof) a scant 111 years ago. The point to celebrate is, that organisation changed their ways, so we know it can be done.

The ‘outrage’ is supposed to be in reaction to the depiction of his royal Mo-ness. The media tell us this is idolatry and not permitted in Islam. This isn't unique, it wasn’t permitted in Judaism (Golden Calf), or Christianity either until a Pope hired Michelangelo and everyone sort of forgot about it.

In the secular world, idolatry is alive and well and the realm is currently occupied by the logo. We seem to require abstract symbols. Star, Cross and Crescent Moon are all logos. The figures represent their religions so in the case of Islam, why some symbols are acceptable for desecration and others are not is unclear, the Star of David is certainly cut no slack in Arab world.

In 1839 Edward Lytton wrote,
"Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword."

An encouraging statement by Mr. Lytton, but I think it only applies to the literate. Many of the disaffected don't fit that category and I would suggest their wish to be immune from criticism should be ignored at every opportunity.

Italics Mine

Update: I just read in the Post where Bill Clinton made a statement about the Danish Cartoons, "None of us are totally free of stereotypes about people of different races, different ethnic groups, and different religions ... there was this appalling example in northern Europe, in Denmark ... these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam," he said.

If they are outrageous, and I don't think they are, than mine is must be outrageous too. It mocks a religion that thought nothing of terminating life. Let's see if that religion is as censorious about a cartoon depicting their behaviour as the other guys and Mr Clinton have become.

Note: The tag line won't make any sense unless you have watched the American television show 'Jeopardy', where the contestants must always reply in the form of a question. Once the show goes off the air this cartoon's shelf life ends.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger talk talk talk said...

Those who wish to be outraged, will be. Those who feel they are in a fight with the infidels will look for reasons even where none exist. Appeasement gets you nowhere against such immaturity. I like your "comment" the best (you have to see it enlarged to get the full Jeopardy effect). We needed some clever wit amidst all the serious yelling and hand-wringing!

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