Friday, January 13, 2006

Inside Joke For An Old Friend

Hey arse-hole, remember your 'Elvis period'? Posted by Picasa

I drew all the cartoons I've posted in 1994, while wedged into a chair waiting for back surgery. Sometimes I had company. It's not often I have a live model to draw from so I took advantage of the opportunity. At the time, my friend suggested I got the proportioning wrong. I think he's correct in that the highest point of the couch back should be farther to the right, but aside from that I'd say it's a pretty accurate representation.

That's the couch I had when I lived in Toronto and that's my friend using it for refuge. He was going through what he now calls his Elvis period. His marriage had dissolved two years earlier and he was living with his rebounder, but not the night I drew this. He was living on my couch.

All the guys I know who have been through it (3) chose ... hastily at rebound time and none of the couples lasted. My friend had a client in the next building to his who was going thru the same thing only he would stay at one of the no frills hotels that offered preferred rates to frequent visitors, just present your little card. Couch-boy here, would borrow his clients card and have it validated during his stays too. He used to laughingly say, 'every seventh fight is free'. Between them they were coming up on their third freebee.

My friend's choice AFTER the rebounder was inspired.

Good one Centurion.

Italics Mine.


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