Sunday, January 01, 2006

Italics Mine Cartoon Carnival

These are links, a 'carnival' if you will to the cartoons I've posted. Doing this is easier than drawing another cartoon.

(a throw away not worthy of it's own post.) Posted by Picasa

Medieval WMD should probably be WCD for weapon of Collateral destruction. I can't imagine anyone lasting two minutes with that thing. I like the way the spiked ball came out.

I have no idea who Ferbey is but his name was in the only story about curling I could find. I post it again next spring about who ever wins the briar.

Dual use technology is becoming more common everywhere you look.

There are different kinds of stress. We only hear about stressed office workers because they're able to type. In the real world there are worries too.

Finally the lock out is over and we get some old time hockey back.

I never did well in chemistry.

Choosing the right diet can add years to your life.

I still have this TV stand.

This is based on a photo of a Michaelangelo fresco in the World Book Encyclopedia. It was three hours of stippling while I watched the Bruins play the Leafs, I believe it was a three-all tie. I could probably find the exact date I drew it somewhere because it was 1994.

Nothing fascinates me more then pictures from space.

I heard this exact line on a TSN interview with a pro athlete who apparently sleeps during the day and competes at night, so in his case it was justified.

I don't know, I think Canada may have gone soft.

You know they're out there. You KNOW it.

It's actually a 6" high prairie dog.

Too subtle. I liked the face.

They dug one up from a bog in South Carolina.

Dr. Sanity linked to this and my readership soared for three days. Now my dailies are back to the thirty or so coolest people on the planet.

Italics Mine


At 2:14 AM, Blogger Ed said...

... eagerly awaiting the next cartoon...

At 10:25 AM, Blogger happyandblue2 said...

Those are really good. And funny.
I especially liked the WMD and the poly wool mammoth..


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