Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Post Election Depression

I like elections. I vote because I can. I rarely enjoy the outcome but I consider myself fortunate to have the option and compared to many in this world I'm doing better because of the opportunity.

When I lived in downtown Toronto I noticed the mood of the people was always evident after elections. There was a look of stunned disbelief on everyone after Bob Rae won.

I used to eat breakfast in a little kiosk under the Royal Bank Building then work my way thru the underground concourses to the office about three blocks away. It was tough sledding at times because I had to cross the stream of 100K People/hr pouring out of Union Station. Try it some morning, it's tricky.

I had a meeting the day after the 1997 election so I was in business mode; jacket, tie and shiny shoes. The Libs had won and there was a strange mood evident as I worked my way thru the throng. People were smiling, some were laughing, it was plainly a different crowd than had been there the previous day. I don't recall ever seeing so many cheerful people, and I had to walk upstream past a few hundred. I assumed that the election had given 'the people' what they wanted because they all seemed quite pleased with themselves and everyone looked happy, which is very weird for Toronto. After making this little trek for five years I didn't mind the change, though I had to marvel at how so many people's mood be changed by a single event.

When I got to the office and sat down at my desk I noticed I still had a napkin tucked into my pants.

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