Sunday, February 19, 2006

Canadian Television Olympic Watch

What is with the Bombardier commercials?

What message are they trying to send? Are they telling us all their employees are globe trotting pinheads?

Why are they advertising on television at all? Planes and trains aren't what the hoi-paloi are buying in this country.

The gubmint funded broadcaster covers a gubmint funded sporting event and sells air time to a gunmint supported manufacturer who come up the commercials for products the viewers don't want and can't possibly afford, and they do it with commercials so lame that they HAD to be gubmint produced too. I can't immagine what they cost.

I suspect there is another advertising scandle here, but it should be over 1) the quality of the spots, and 2) WHO at Bombardier thought they were a good idea? I don't think it was anyone who's job depends on obtaining results.

Someone wrote the scripts, someone else thought they were funny [!] and approved funding for production and travel to all the 'exotic' locations, then someone hired actors and a film crew and then someone else puts the whole thing together and we have a fine collection of what happens when Atlas Shrugs and the second stringers take over.

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