Sunday, February 05, 2006

CBS Publishes Ten Foot Poll

CBS commissioned a poll on media trustworthiness. The opening paragraph of their story is about as tentative as you can get,....

"(CBS) A majority of Americans have at least a fair amount of trust and confidence in the news media, although relatively few express a great deal of confidence in the institution, a CBS News/New York Times poll has found. Still, most think the stories the news media report are generally accurate, and that the news media generally tell the truth (something many think the administration does not do).

To keep the writing style intact, the last sentence should be, "something many generally think the administration does not generally do"?

It's like Dan Rather’s song and dance to avoid the obvious conclusion about the feux Killian memos and like Dan's charade this one also happens to include a dig at the white house. CBS seems to think comparing apples to oranges somehow makes rotten apples acceptable (generally).

There's a flaw in this pole. The messenger is asking to have their credibility rated and find out not very many people believe them. They respond by saying the equivalent of , "Well, maybe only sixty percent sort of you trust us but only 40% sort of trust the White House. Given that it is the media who are responsible for everyone's perception of the white House, they seem to be implying their doing a good job relatively speaking?

The only valid comparison, is between the media and another messenger, not one of their hokey messages. Duh.

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