Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Drawing Free Islamic Cartoon

Like it's any of my business, but jeeze, I'd like to ask everyone to SIMMER DOWN a notch. The response to the response to this cartoon thing is getting a bit much.

I've noticed every old school media mention of this meme is accompanied by a photo or video of fire. A tight shot utterly out of context but awesome to look at; the Saturday Post is an example. I also see a lot of vulgarity and hate springing up on the net and everybody and his dog is now a dark side cartoonist showing no more talent or insight than Ted Rall ever did.

There are even sites having a contest for more cartoons. I don't have time to draw one but here's mine; it's a rip-off of an old golf joke; it turns out the early leader of the Dubia Open, going into the weekend was Danish. Oy.

Single panel of Danish guy crouched next to his golf bag and a 'Figure' is peering out from behind some clouds, it is preparing to throw a lightning bolt. The man behind the golf bag is clutching a one-iron, and the Figure is thinking to himself.....

"Damn, Not even Allah can hit a 1 iron". (Baroomba)

Anybody hurt?

Italics Mine

Note: I believe this is the only 'drawing free' cartoon on the internet.


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