Friday, February 24, 2006

Elmasry Thinks He's One Of Us. Sheesh

The perrenially outraged Dr. Mohamed Elmasry is talking silly again. He's suddenly become all Canadian concerned about OUR troops and their mission in Afghanistan. Naturally the Toronto Star gives it up for da man.

"Canada's involvement in Afghanistan is not, and has never been, peacekeeping. Canadians are finally waking up to the fact that there was no real debate over the decision to send our military to Afghanistan. Nor was there any discussion of concrete objectives, or how to measure our success there. When will we even know our mission is over?

When you and your outrage fall silent sir, then we will know.

"Our government would do the right thing by all Canadians if it brings our troops home, because our mission in Afghanistan lacks purpose.

What was that, six references to 'OUR' mission in Afghanistan?

Mo seems to be having an identity crisis, 'our' civilization has already progressed past the point his religion wallows in.

When I lived in Toronto I frequented a little place on the Danforth; they made fine pizza. I was in there one night after the invasion began, the hockey game was on a few sets and the news was on a few sets. Everytime the news channel showed a fighter taking off from a carrier the two guys behind the counter making pizza would cheer, pump their fists and high five each other. Guess why?

Because they were from Afghanistan. I gave one of the guys a thumbs up and he returned it with a huge grin. I chatted with him, he was very happy with the way the universe was unfolding. He was happy at the thought of getting his country back. Maybe they were the only two happy guys in the world, but they were also the only two Afghanis I've met. I think archaeologists call this primary evidence.

You've got 'your' mission Mo, and the West has 'ours'. They're different missions big guy.

I've got a 'C' note says Elmasry can't even skate. And that's the minimum ante required to use the word 'our' when referring to Canadian troops.

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