Friday, February 17, 2006

International Day of the Expert

New York - In what amounted to a 'news conference', the United Nations declared February 17th International Day of the Expert. During the day all artists, scientists and alarmists will be given what amounts to credibility to appear on television provided they say something amounting to an anti-American screed. To celebrate the new day Secretary General Koffi Annan released what amounts to a report condeming the alleged shenanigans at Guatanimo Bay Naval Station.

"The 54-page report summarizing an investigation by five U.N. experts, accused the United States of practices that "amount to torture" and demanded detainees be allowed a fair trial or be freed. The panel, which had sought access to Guantanamo Bay since 2002, refused a U.S. offer for three experts to visit the camp in November after being told they could not interview detainees.

Annan said the report by a U.N.-appointed independent panel was not a U.N. report but one by individual experts. "So we should see it in that light," he said.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the report will be presented to the U.N. Commission of Human Rights, which appointed the panel, when it convenes on March 13 in Geneva.

"The Guantanamo report was an easy target for the Bush Administration to criticize because this is a case where the message may be right but the messenger lacks credibility," says CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst Pamela Falk, who has been to the Guantanamo base twice. "The report was produced by the same U.N. Human Rights Commission that has been discredited by the Secretary General himself because some of its members have been the worst human rights violators, including Syria, Sudan, Cuba and Zimbabwe."

I love the irony of someone from CBS commenting on credibility. I guess this is what amounts to news these days.

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