Friday, February 24, 2006

Internet Oscars - Categories

If the buffoons of the Hollywood Celebrity/Industrial Complex can talk about foreign policy, international trade and the validity of the Federal elections as opposed to say … acting in a movie, than I think the Oscars should reflect the changing times and we should judge them on their real performances.

New Categories

Dumbest entry in a blog by a member of the academy.

Dumbest equivalency by a man in a 'leadership' role.

Dumbest equivalency by a woman in a 'leadership' role.

Dumbest statement about Global Warming/Coming Ice Age, by a group, association, council or collective.

Funniest aquatic episode.

Weirdest statement by a has-been who's been drinking.

Dumbest statement taken seriously because it was uttered by a babe.

I need one more.

Italics Mine


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