Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh The Heartache

This cartoon thing isn't going away. Now two magazines in Canada are publishing them, and the Calgary Herold published today says the perennially outraged of this world are considering legal action ....

Emma Poole, Calgary Herald
Published: Monday, February 13, 2006

The head of Calgary's Muslim community is considering a civil lawsuit against two local publishers for reprinting controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad -- images that have [been used to] spark(ed) deadly riots overseas.

Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, said the cartoons have caused Muslims in Calgary, and worldwide, unnecessary stress and heartache.

I understand that was the Danish Imams intent when he toured the world showing them and a few 'ringers' to everyone. Causing 'heartache' was the point of the tour.

"We are, on Monday, going to see lawyers. We will try to find out if there is a possibility to have a civil lawsuit. That's what we're going to explore," Soharwardy said Sunday.

"We see these cartoons as racist. We see these cartoons as hurtful, and we see these cartoons as against our religion. There has been damages towards the Muslim community for their losing their peace of mind, and creating stress on people's heart."

When did Islam become a race?

The Jewish Free Press and Western Standard Magazine, both Calgary-based, are among the first publications in Canada to print the cartoons.

One of the drawings depicts Muhammad wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb.

While copies of Jewish Free Press have been available since last week, Western Standard Magazine is expected to hit newsstands today. Publisher Ezra Levant said the threat of a lawsuit won't deter him.

Levant said the move proves Soharwardy and other Canadian Muslims who are angry over the cartoons don't "understand Canadian values" and freedom of the press.

Around 40,000 issues of Western Standard will be published with the cartoons. The Jewish Free Press, going to 2,000 Calgary homes, ran the images in its Feb. 9 issue.

The Jewish Free Press had the front page headline, "First they came for the cartoonists. . . ." It also featured portraits of Muhammad printed over the past 200 years, including an icon now on sale on the streets of Tehran, Iran.

On page 2, the Jewish Free Press had a selection of the Danish cartoons, including the "Muhammad in a bomb-turban" print.

The Calgary Herald has decided not to publish the drawings.

Jewish Free Press publisher Richard Bronstein said reprinting the cartoons wasn't meant to offend Muslims, but instead to inform the public about the issue.

"When (the cartoons) dominate the world news for that period of time, to be an informed person you have to see what it's all about," said Bronstein.

The paper also published a selection of anti-Semitic cartoons printed in Muslim countries -- like a cartoon of hook-nosed, diabolical Jew tunnelling under Jerusalem's Temple Mount, a holy site to Muslims and Jews.

Bronstein said he will ask a member of Calgary's Muslim community to write a guest column in an upcoming edition. "I'll give them the whole front page," he said.

Bronstein would not comment on the possibility of a lawsuit.

He apologized if he insulted Muslims, but stands by his decision to reprint the cartoons.

Soharwardy refused the apology.

"Jewish Free Press, they knew that it is not acceptable, that it is offensive to Muslims, they knew it. They took a calculated risk and they went ahead," he said. "Their apology is nothing but a hypocrisy -- a preplanned apology and I don't accept their apology."

I have close friends who have heard NOTHING about this cartoon farce, the MSM isn't touching it because they're afraid of the repercussions. I put them on this blog January 30th and no one noticed. I thought it was a novelty story when it came out, one that would quickly fade. Not so.

It must to be repeated; you do not have a 'right' not to be offended! That 'right' could only be subjective and therefore impossible to defend or enforce, you wouldn't understand that if you were uneducated, uncivilized and unenlightened.

As Glenn (Instapundit) Reynolds said on CNN Sunday night, "My beliefs are offended when gangs of ignorant thugs burn embassies, and where is the respect for my beliefs? Do I need to burn embassies to get respect for my beliefs? Because that's the message CNN sends. The message they send is, We will reward violence. And you're going to get more of what you reward, that's how it works.

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