Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stronach First Canadian To Get Face Transplant

Saying it was just 'time for a change', Canada's first recipient of a face transplant, Belinda Stronach had her appearance surgically altered to better reflect the kind of person she is.

Ms. Stronach answers questions about her shoes
at morning press conference. Posted by Picasa

"A furious David Emerson lashed out at the federal Liberal Party last night after his former riding association demanded that he repay close to $100,000 in campaign costs.

"Emerson said his children -- a son, 14, and daughter, 12 -- were bearing the brunt of attacks over his defection to the Conservative Party this week.

"My kids are being treated with hostility in school because of what's being said. My kids are crying because of what's being said at school," Emerson told The Province from Ottawa.

That's what lying to people gets you Dave. You pretended to stand for something other than yourself and people are attracted to that and believed you, then you screwed them. What did you think would happen; they'd give you a parade? Emmerson has the same 'moral' convictions as Belinda Stonach and has no business critisizing anybody except himself. I guess we all now know where the Liberal Party's much discussed 'sense of entitlement' comes from.

Political parties would be wise to make their candidates carry bonds against defectors, if they bolt from the organisation the bonding company has to pay all the money back. Those guys don't back down, they might even sell your contract to a debt collector. That would be fun to watch.

"His outburst came after the riding association that helped elect Emerson in Vancouver-Kingsway last month told him it wants him to repay $96,755.

"This amount came from donations to the Liberal Party and were intended to elect a Liberal," Ivan Curman, president of the riding association, said in a letter to Emerson.

I agree. Belinda screws the Conservatives and they don't do anything, Emerson screws the Liberals and they go after him; which group understands power politics? I would love to see both Emerson and Stronach sued by their former partys without being able to sluff off the legal costs onto the taxpayer.

But then, I live in a dream world.

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At 1:12 PM, Anonymous littlefalls said...

The problem Emerson is having is because his riding really, really didn't want a conservative. It was a race between the Liberals and the NDP.

Belinda found support and the critisms of her were challenged because many in Newmarket-Aurora were happy having a Liberal.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger The Political Newfie said...

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At 6:31 PM, Blogger The Political Newfie said...

When Belinda crossed the floor, she was repecting her constituents desire to hold off on the non confidence vote in the House of Commons, while Stephen Harper wanted to have the vote right there and then. She may have felt that she had no other choice. I am writing about this, and it should be posted soon...


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