Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Air Canada Puchases New 'Commuter' Planes

OTTAWA - Air Canada announced today that it has signed a deal to aquire nine thousand new single passenger aircraft to replace its ageing fleet of multi-passenger aircraft now in service.

New aircraft seats one. Posted by Picasa
The Sperwer, which is Dutch for Sparrow Hawk, is a twin-tailed, propeller-driven craft that is a little bigger than a snowmobile and has a Bombardier engine about the size of what a snowmobile's [is].

A truck-mounted rail-launch system blasts the flyer into the air, going from zero to 160 km/h in one-quarter of a second.

The remote-controlled aircraft is also appealing because it lands by parachute, eliminating the need for a runway, like the bigger American drones like the Predator or Global Hawk.

The new planes will be used on mainly regional flights however long-term thinkers at the airline say they could see them pressed into service between Toronto and Vancouver.

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