Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Citybank Warning

Just in case you needed a little cash today, do not use a City-Bank ATM as the network may have been compromised. Naturally Citybank wants everyone to know it wasn't a "Class Break".

A "class break?" in network security jargon, is when one breach leads to a whole new "class" of attacks on various systems, using similar methods. When it happens on a global banking network, it's also known as "really bad news." Update: Ben Popken at Consumerist reports that Citibank is now claiming that the breach was not a class break -- but acknowledges they've known about it for a month.

From Boing Boing "The woman I spoke with on the phone said that the networks in these countries (Canada, UK) were compromised, she sent a new card to my US address as a result of using said networks. She also told me that if I used these networks again, Citibank might lock my card again. She could not assure me that it wouldn't happen the first time I used the Canadian ATM network with my new card. Her suggestion to withdraw large sums of money was cute, but perhaps not unwarranted given the stupid state of Citibank."

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P.S. I'm having a tough time finding anything to satirize these last few days. As soon as I can think of someone to blame for my predicament I'll let you know.

P.P.S. Can anyone locate the shot of Bill Murray sitting in the pick-up truck with the rodent on his lap, from Groundhog Day?


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