Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dr. Sanity - Criticism 1.01

Dr. Sanity has an observation on how to be the infallible critic in society.
Thus you have the infallible logic of the critc of prevention, and the ready-made fall guy in whoever is courageous enough to try to prevent something terrible from happening.

The infallible logic is this: since the terrible event was prevented from occurring, what possible evidence exists that it would have taken place? Hence you can only "prove" that prevention would have worked if you don't use it.

The ready-made fall guy is created by the infallible logic. If the terrible even occurs and was preventable, and you did nothing--YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN. If you prevent the terrible thing from occurring, but you cannot prove that it would have occurred if you hadn't prevented it--THEN YOU LIED, PEOPLE DIED FOR NOTHING, ETC ETC.. In short, you will be damned if you do prevent the terrible thing from happening; and damned if you don't.

That is why the ability to rewind and replay the past in our thoughts is such a valuable exercise. It matters what people said and what they did or did not do. Putting events in perspective requires that kind of analysis, and so, Hitchens and Baker provide a real service to anyone who needs a dispassionate and rational evaluation of present events without resorting to the mass hysteria and selective amnesia that so characterizes the MSM, the Democrats, and the antiwar fanatics.

Read some of the sophomoric comments her article attracted. Sheesh.

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