Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'd Rather He Went Away

Dangerous Dan Rather is in the news again. I read a piece written by him on Saturday but oddly without his byline, CBS worked it into the text of their tribute (!) to Liz Smith, a hollow-wood gossip typist. Dan always did like breaking the big stories.

Now Dan's in the news again, making a speach about the failure of modern journalism to 600 friendly faces, only when the going got tough the questioner had his microphone turned off. Captains Quarters has a good observation ...

So let's get this straight. Dan Rather spent his time in Cherry Hill lamenting the dearth of the tough question and the follow-up. When Walsh got an opportunity, he attempted to provide Rather with exactly what he demanded from the media -- a tough question and a follow-up when the first answer evaded the issue. How did Rather and his handlers reward him? They cut off his microphone and made sure he couldn't finish his follow-up.

This is called irony.

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Update: Here's the history of Dan.


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