Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UN Report On Denmark, Pot Calls Kettle Black

This is one of ironies finest hours, The United Nations report on Denmark finds all Danes are racists and xenophpbes. This is from the organization that provides a forum so dictatorships can get together and vote on what they want. Like the destruction of Israel. Sheesh.

“Their uncompromising defense of a Freedom of Speech without limits or restrictions is not in accordance with the international rules which are based on a necessary balance between Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, especially to combat calls for racial and religious hatred, and which all the member countries of UN have decided are the basic rules for Human Rights. This attitude shows an alarming lack of sensitivity and understanding of the religious conviction and deep emotions of the groups of society in question. Thus the newspapers strengthen the connection between Islam and Terrorism which arose after September 11th and which is the most important reason for Islamophobia being on the rise in the world at large and in their own countries.”

The Jyllands-Posten’s reply to the UN's drivel is well thought out and relys on the constituton. ... Article 77 of the Danish Constitution:

Any person shall be at liberty to publish his ideas in print, in writing, and in speech, subject to his being held responsible in a court of law. Censorship and other preventive measures shall never again be introduced.

The real problem is with 'we the people', if you want freedom you have to fight for it and you have to be vigilant watching over the freedoms you have, that's just the way it is. However there are those in Denmark (and everywhere) who would surrender everything to 'international law' a term that doesn't even have a definition. Here's a quote from a good little follower....
“We must enforce the UN Covenant and all other conventions to which we are signatories. We must accept that the conclusions are not always the way we want them to be - if we want an international rule of law. The UN criticism helps our international reputation. It hangs in tatters as it is.”

Like Lord of the Flies, "We have to have rules, lots of rules".

Speaking of covenants here's the product of one between the UN and advertisers. Leggo is made in Denmark by the way. Posted by Picasa

Read the whole thing.

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