Thursday, March 02, 2006

UN Sees Illiterassy As Biggust Problem

A syntax challenged child unable to express her rage. Posted by Picasa

New York - United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan announced today that the biggest problem in the world isn't terrorism but illiteratty. Mr. Kofi said that two many peeple are "unable to 'spress themselfs clearly in a clearlike manor that is understandable to others."

"The metaphores are like whales run-aground at a beach party, they just lay there taking up space without adding to the totality of fun", said the Secretary, adding "we can't not let this continue. It is America's and Israel's faults that the rests of the worlds can't not right a proper anti-American protest sign."

"When America stops exporting war and starts starts exporting their syntax then the sandal will be on the other foot."

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