Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Capture The Flag

This is a game we used to play as kids but now it’s the game for not quite mature adults too. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments are under attack by those in opposition who just noticed their own flags. I’ll explain. In the States, the Democrats while in opposition introduced a bill which would outlaw burning an American Flag. It didn’t go anywhere. Good thing to, this was the kind of unenforcable, line-in-the-sand law which caters to those who want attention. Within twenty-four hours of passing that law there would have been about ten thousand violators, and that’s just in Massachusetts.

Up in Canada the Liberals (that is to say, the press) discovered the flag when the current government said they would no longer raise and lower the thing, toilet-seatesque the way the previous government did. The idiot press quickly ran out and bought enough flags for all their poseurs to wrap themselves in and started typing up a storm.

They went into ‘national outrage’ mode when they were told they would not be permitted to gloat over the bodies of returning soldiers either. It’s never been on their radar before but like the seal hunt protests, it depends on who’s in charge. Selective outrage.

I read most Canadian publications and I can’t recall anyone except Peter Worthington ever saying anything in support of the armed forces. The idiot press in this country never gave a rat’s ass about anyone or anything military and they still don’t. This ‘issue’ is nothing but a flag of convenience for them.


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