Saturday, May 13, 2006

Climate Change Blamed For Increased Clip-Art Use.

Reuters - Wed May 3, 1:42 PM ET Climate scientists identified a new effect of global warming; the changing climate is causing a vast looping system of clip-art images to form above the earth's surface. The images are mainly of arrows however raindrops and storm clouds have also been seen. Big green arrows began to appear above the Pacific ocean in the late nineties and today it was revealed that a huge red one is laying on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Climate change linked to increased clip-art use. Posted by Picasa

Experts say this could mean more animated powerpoint presentations in the United States, more royalties for artistes and illustrators and more drivel from the mainstream press.

FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY REUTERS/Illustrations by Gabriel Vecchi/UCAR/Handout


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