Sunday, May 21, 2006

Please Bear With Us

UK protesters go naked over Canadian bearskins

Oh no. Does this mean Bridget Bardot and whats-her-name from Baywatch are coming back?
LONDON (Reuters) - Around 100 animal rights campaigners stripped naked in central London on Sunday to protest the use of traditional bearskin hats worn by military guards on ceremonial parade.

Wearing nothing but bear masks and carrying placards saying "Bears Slaughtered for the Queen's Guards -- Indefensible", the group gathered to call on the Queen and the Ministry of Defense to end use of the foot-high bear pelt hat known as a busby.

"The Ministry of Defense has blood on its hands while it allows bears to be slaughtered for ceremonial caps when beautiful synthetics are available", says PETA's Anita Singh.

Ursus americanus (eatus anythingus). Posted by Picasa

These folks seem to think that these creatures are being gunned down for the sake of British Military tradition. They aren't they're being killed because their population would be out of control if they weren't.

A mother and her two cubs just trashed a friends bird feeders last week on their stroll through the area. The day after they fixed them the bears showed up and did it again. When you live in the country you understand that somethings must be killed. When your an activist living in the city of London apparently you don't understand anything; taking your clothes off? Sheesh. Please don't anyone tell McCartney.

Here's a good place to learn about Canadian bears.
Black bears are typically North American animals. Their population is estimated at over 450,000 in Canada alone. Black bears live in almost all kind of habitats, from the dense southern forests to the northern arctic tundra. The average weight of a mature black bear goes anywhere from 200 to 450 pounds, although some trophies weigh over 500 pounds. In the wild, black bears can live up to 15 years. The sow has a very low reproduction cycle, and gives birth to 1 or 2 - sometimes 3 - cubs once every 2 years.

Hats off to Canadian bear hunters; you perform a valuable service to our country.

Just so you know: It is illegal to possess a bear gall bladder in Manitoba.


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you saying that just because the bears are there they should be killed? That is a disgustingly ignorant thing to say. You said "When you live in the country you understand that somethings must be killed." Well I live in Canada and I certainly don't "understand that some things must be killed." The bears were there first. People moved into THEIR territory, and are complaining that the bears are still there. It's completely ridiculous.
Would you go into someone else's house, claim it as yours, and then kill them when they walk through the livingroom because you think it's your territory? Hardly.
And killing animals for sport? That really disgusts me. I have bears walking through my yard all the time, and put up with it, because it's their right. I'm the one invading their space. People need to wake up and look around and realize that they're living in what used to be a FOREST. With BEARS.
And there is no reason for people to wear bear skin hats. They look stupid anyway. Who cares about tradition when you're killing things to keep the tradition? Slavery used to be a tradition. Do you think THAT'S something we should still have? Doubtful.
People need to stand up for those who can't speak for themselves or defend themselves, and stop being so ignorant and selfish.


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