Saturday, May 27, 2006

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Courtesy Powerline, here's a sad story about winning.
The football committee of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which governs high school sports, is adopting a "score management" policy that will suspend coaches whose teams win by more than 50 points.

A rout is considered an unsportsmanlike infraction and the coach of the offending team will be disqualified from coaching the next game, said Tony Mosa, assistant executive director of the Cheshire, Conn.-based conference.

"We were concerned with any coach running up the game (he probably means 'score' - ed). There's no need for it," Mosa said. "This is something that we really have been discussing for the last couple of years. There were a number of games that were played where the difference of scores were 60 points or more. It's not focused on any one particular person."

Leo Facchini, New London's athletic director, called it unfair to single out his coach.

Facchini said he and Cochran tried to pull in the reins during New London's 90-0 drubbing of Griswold last season by trying to get both sides and the timekeeper to agree to run a continuous clock.

Some states, including Iowa, continuously run the game clock in the second half if a team has a 35-point lead. The Connecticut committee rejected a similar proposal because members thought it would unfairly cut into backups' playing time.

So it's the winners fault for being good, not the losers fault for not being good. Anyone else see something wrong here? What's the winning coach supposed to do, dress injured players against the basement teams? Why not just name your team 'The Victims' and be done with it.

The Workaround
1) Stuff happens; your team is so much better than the other one that you're forced to fumble in your own end zone every second time you get the ball. This will make the losers feel good about themselves on the bus ride home; hey at least it wasn't a route.

2) Your team doesn't have a chance of beating State in the play-offs, but if you throw the last game of the year and lose by fifty-one points their coach gets suspended. The point threshhold is arbitrary, in football it only a 7 - 1 scoring advantage; What about tennis kids who lose two sets of six games, 40 - love? Doesn't anyone care about them?

3) Update: Dismiss the loser coach, thus raising the bar.

4) Update II: Allow the losing team to concede or say that any team enjoying a 7-1 scoring advantage is automatically awarded the game.

5) Update III: Apply it to the NBA.

Will this mean the end of cheer-leading as we know it?

Boo, hoo, shame shame,
we went out and won the game.
This rule cut's us down to size.
No more tears in loser's eyes.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee're SORRY.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Temujin said...

There is something a little dishonourable about running up the score. But your point is well taken, there shouldn't be a suspension because of it.


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