Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time Out ... Again

About a week ago I lost the use of my right arm below the elbow. I'd like to say I lost the feeling too but I didn't, it hurt like hell. Saturday I spent five hours at the hospital and they determined it was a pinched nerve, not my heart. They gave me anti-inflams and executive strength pain killers that served no real purpose as I didn't manage to fall asleep until Wednesday night.

I saw a sportsmed/nerve guy on Monday. On Tuesday I bought my own MRI in a converted Petro-Canada garage in Hull for $750.00 instead of waiting a month for the free OHIP one (note: no OHIP patients were delayed or injured in the making of this MRI). I missed seeing the specialist on Thursday and will see him on Monday.

That's it for blogging for a while. You might be surprised at how many things you need you right hand for. I know I was. I typed this post left handed, can you tell?


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