Thursday, July 06, 2006

Whither The New York Times

This is why the blogosphere rules. Casandra over at Villianis Company has done some great work.

Last week The Times in it's unending attempts to slag M. Bush ran a story that the American Government was running a SECRET OPERATION which monitored fund transfers in an attempt to detect Al Quieda financing. The idea being that the SECRET OPERATION lacked congressional oversight and that it could possibly be illegal. They used the word 'secret' twelve times in their story.

The outrage that came their way was extraordinary. A few days later they ran an editorial that stated the program wasn't a SECRET after all, it's five years old, everyone knew about it; no harm done. Next outrage please.

Casandra did some searching in the New York Times archives and came up with an interesting article from last November....
U.S. Lacks Strategy to Curb Terror Funds.
The article critisizes the Government for not 'following the money' apparently the NYT didn't know about the program after all and urged the government to do exactly what it was doing when the Times decided to expose the program. This is called having it both ways.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Much, much stranger.

Casandra, you rock.


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