Saturday, August 19, 2006

Speaking of Fundamental Stupidity

James Judd is a top bureaucrat and appears to be in WAY over his head. He was appointed to the head of CSIS, Canada’s answer to an intelligence agency….

"We don't profile because it's fundamentally stupid and we don't have enough resources,'' said Judd. "From a national security perspective, we can't afford to have whole communities feel alienated."

Perhaps I’m the idiot here but I didn’t know ‘intelligence’ agencies were required to tell ‘entire communities’ what they were up to. Judd may be the wrong man for the job.

Other CSIS directives by Mr. Judd might be...

1 If a crime is committed with a gun, CSIS will not review the records of any sellers of firearms but will instead investigate the community of owners of no-touch car washes.

2 If an international crime is committed with explosives, CSIS will then, and only then investigate the firearm distribution community to determine if there is a connection between that community and the popular lap-dancing community.

3 If any Middle Eastern communities are implicated in terrorist activities, Mr. Judd will personally send a strongly worded message to the Danish community.

4 If a motorcycle organization is suspected of involvement in international drug trafficking, CSIS will open a dialogue with the biker community to insure that no member of that community is offended or affected by the investigation.

5 If Mr. Judd is removed from his job for being an idiot he will still be able to draw a spectacular pension while invoicing the government community for consultant work due to his expertise on activities involving “the ‘T’ word” communities.

Countries are made up of infinite groups of ‘communities’. Some have more clout than others. My community has very little clout. My community is offended that this clown was put in charge of anything beyond purchasing office supplies. My community has never been kowtowed to by CSIS and we’re deeply offended by that, and we understand that we apparently have a right not to be offended by anything.

Judd on torture;

“Like most Canadians, I find torture to be sort of morally repugnant ... and from an operational perspective it's not particularly reliable. Certainly in my own case, I'd probably admit to anything if I was tortured."

Now there’s the guy you want in charge of the intelligence community. Al Qaeda and NSA people take note; a couple of well placed bamboo shoots and Judd will sell us out like crap at a garage sale. I guess torture IS effective, you've just got to find the right person.

My community would cease to be offended by Mr. Judd if he were to move-on, career wise.


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